We Service All Boiler
Styles, Makes, and Brands.
We Offer:
  • Annual boiler inspection services
  • Boiler cleaning and repairing
  • Boiler retubing
  • Steam and hot water piping repairs
  • Hydrostatic testing
  • Steam trap testing and repair
  • Combustion testing and optimization
  • Hot taps and wet taps
  • Welding repairs in accordance with ASME and NBIC

E. McLauchlan & Sons, Inc. has updated our site with mobile capability!

Here we are. We hope that you might find us when you need us, from anywhere that you might be.  We have updated our site with mobile capability. We want to be accessible, and more importantly approachable. It is our hope that we can help you with your steam, heating, and boiler problems and projects as quickly and as professionally as possible. We want to be the one that you call when you need your boiler retubed or when the refractory needs repairing. We want to show you how you can make your system operate more efficiently. We want to help you deal with “one less thing” when it comes to maintaining your steam or hot water system. In the meantime, I am aiming to offer up some experiences, ideas, and suggestions that I hope will be relevant and useful in a situation that you may be in or in solving a problem that you may have. And, we are always open for questions.