We Service All Boiler
Styles, Makes, and Brands.
We Offer:
  • Annual boiler inspection services
  • Boiler cleaning and repairing
  • Boiler retubing
  • Steam and hot water piping repairs
  • Hydrostatic testing
  • Steam trap testing and repair
  • Combustion testing and optimization
  • Hot taps and wet taps
  • Welding repairs in accordance with ASME and NBIC


E. McLauchlan & Sons, Inc. is a mechanical contracting firm established in Richmond, Virginia circa 1865. The company specializes in the service, repair, and installation of boilers; steam, hot water, and process systems; domestic water systems; and heating and process controls.

We have been faithfully serving our commercial, industrial, and institutional clients for over 140 years. We are a proud, small, local company that has a vast amount of experience with a large network of industry resources. Because we are a small company, we can offer our customers customized solutions to their needs with attention to details and an overall emphasis on value.